10 ideas to celebrate men in their day: from clothes to smart watches

Not sure what to give on International Men’s Day? Everyone values ​​a show of affection, but if you want to go further, the gifts can range from salteñas, technological accessories or simple flowers. We present you 10 options to entertain your father, boyfriend, husband, husband, grandfather or cousins ​​on this day.

CLOTHINGA shirt, pants, jackets, basic t-shirts, jackets, shorts or those garments that are most used are ideal for them.

MEALNormally you should give him his favorite food, but it can be salteñas or fast food (hamburger, wings, pizza, etc.).

VIDEO GAMEThere are many varieties on the market, some of the best-selling consoles are Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PC games.

DRINKSA good wine or your loved one’s favorite drink are usually gifts that some men enjoy quite a bit.

ACCESSORIESThey can be companions to your clothing, such as bracelets, belts, necklaces, wallet or rings.

FLOWERSThe most detailed men usually give flowers, among other things. For many, the flowers would also mean a token of affection. Don’t think that flowers are only for women.

TECHNOLOGYThere is a lot of variety in these types of gifts and they range from hearing aids, cell phones, smart watches and power banks to more expensive computers, tablets, keyboards and others.

BOOKSThose of action and suspense are the most required, but it will also depend on the taste of the reader.

VEHICLE ACCESSORIESFor many men, a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle are essential parts of their daily routine. Among some of the gifts that are valued are sets of tires, decorations, helmets, oil changes, maintenance, a radio or a stereo.

SPORTS RELATEDA jersey of your favorite team or a ball are the most common.

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