Accused of having done cosmetic surgery, she is creating a buzz on social networks!

Faced with the negative judgments sent to her on social networks, Sarah Lopez reacts. She does not hesitate to post pictures of her in undress showing off her forms.

Sarah Lopez has received several comments from netizens that she has transformed her body. She seems touched by and responds to this negative reaction to her posts.

Sarah Lopez posts her photos on social media

It should be noted that the 2016 Secret Story star has been a big hit with her fans since she left the TV sets. She posts pictures that show her curves. As usual, she publishes some photos taken in Italy, mentioning that she has gained a little weight.

The young woman claims to have done 32-34 before while she is 36 in the photos. She says she’s 30 and can handle it. Faced with his comments, Internet users do not react in the same way. While some are delighted, others are less so. One of them accuses him of having done cosmetic surgery. So, she explains that she only used this practice to modify her breasts.

Other photos published in response to comments

After responding to the writing to Internet users, Sarah Lopez decides to publish other photos on her pages. She continues to show off in clothes that reveal her generous curves, which does not leave followers indifferent. It must be said that the words addressed to him encouraged him to go further in his approach to be seen.

If you’ve been following the Secret Story reality show, you’ve known Sarah Lopez and you can tell she has a strong character. She speaks whenever she deems necessary. This time, she still does not let it go.

Not only does she say out loud what she thinks, but she also supports her words with quite expressive photos. Among her most recent publications, she strikes a pose with a large cleavage that reveals her breasts.

Internet users seem to have been particularly scandalized by her pictures where she poses in outfits deemed indecent. It is, in a way, the straw that broke the camel’s back. The shock is felt in the many comments from Internet users.

After much reproach, Sarah Lopez does not let go. She continues to post even more unexpected photos on social media. Recently, she posted a picture online where she takes a position that may not leave Internet users indifferent. For now, the reactions are still unknown.

Sarah Lopez didn’t always react like this

Despite her strong character, there was a time when the young woman decided to erase all her photos from her pages. She seemed determined to do it, which has left her fans believing that she plans to stop posting as well. However, this period was short. She preferred to turn away from her decision by posting pictures even more surprising than those she has already posted.

If you check out social media, you can see photos of her undressed. She poses in a bikini, crop-top or with a sexy top that she pairs with unbuttoned jeans. The star continues to make talk about her on the side of her haters and followers as well as simple observers.

Faced with the buzz that the publications of the star make on the Internet, many opinions fluctuate from all sides. While some express their disappointment and anger, others encourage it. For their part, observers speak of a possible sanction. They say she risks censorship if she continues on this path. In any case, Sarah Lopez seems to be sticking to her position. She’s sure of what she’s doing and she shows it to the world.

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