discover the series that will be canceled or renewed in 2021!

The year 2021 holds many surprises for moviegoers about the series that are broadcast on Netflix. There are those that will continue for a new season and those that will be canceled.

Netflix is ​​the number 1 streaming platform

Netflix is ​​considered the # 1 streaming platform for streaming movies and series online. It has become a benchmark in the field. Every year, the site publishes news about the cancellation, broadcasting and uploading of new series.

This information is put together in a list where moviegoers around the world can view it. Sometimes these same people go further, asking questions on the group’s social media accounts. For this year 2021, there will be changes.

The list of series that are canceled this year

Netflix subscribers need to reconsider which series they’ll follow, as several of these have been canceled. Among the list of those who will definitely be on the sidelines is AJ and the Queen after a gloomy first season. She is followed by Altered Carbon, and Anne with an E, as well as Away and Black Lightning.

Other series will also be phased out this year such as Dark, Dear White People, Grace and Franckie, Am not Okay With This and Insatiable. The reboots and those who have suffered from the pandemic will be out of the race like Glow, La Fête à la maison: 20 ans après (Fuller House).

Other inconclusive stories will be definitively stopped such as The Revolution, The New Adventures of Sabrina, Marianne. To finish this list, Netflix has decided to put an end to it once and for all for Messiah, Soundtrack, Osmosis, October Faction, Teenage Bounty Hunters, Spinning Out, The Rain, The Order, The Society, Turn Up Charlie, Trinkets and V Wars.

One last season for these cult series

Other series are entering a final unseen season with leaving the Netflix Streaming platform. These are the Better Call Saul, Dead to Me, F is for Family, The Kominsky Method, Lost in Space series.

Finally, successful series will be completed with a final and final season such as Lucifer, When Calls the Heart, Marcella, etc.

For other series the adventure continues on Netflix

There are series that will have a sequel and will revive moviegoers such as Alice in Borderland, Another Life, Atypical, as well as Barbare and Biohackers. Other series are already announcing a sequel of several seasons such as Blood and Water, Cobra Kai, Family Business or Emily in Paris.

Some series that have worked well will continue to wow moviegoers like Narcos: Mexico, Ozark, Mortel, Outers Banks, Plan Coeur, Paradise Police, Space Force, Sweet Magnolias, The Last Kingdom, etc. There are also series that are eagerly awaited by fans such as The Witcher, Umbrella Academy, You, etc.

Highly anticipated series this year on Netflix

There are series that have been making social media headlines lately and that moviegoers are eagerly awaiting their sequel. These are the thriller series such as Lupine entering season 2, La Casa de Papel towards the final season, Elite in season 4, On My Black, Stranger Things season 4, etc.

These different series have seen their coast explode recently. This is due to the prowess of the actors or thanks to the script. For those who will be stopped, know that the production holds surprises. Although the story of a series comes to an end, very soon a more or less similar story will appear with some slight modifications and changes of actors.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix

This is particularly the case of Supergirl, which makes way for Smallville, or Batwoman. In short, the superhero phase only establishes its notoriety.

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