Everything about the beautiful Cécile Wolfrom who is currently Miss Alsace!

Within a month the election of Miss France 2022 will take place. It is therefore the right time to get to know the participants of this season better. So we will focus on Miss Alsace 2021, Cécile Wolfrom.

This year, the Miss France 2022 election will take place in Caen on December 11. Among all the regional Misses, we will attend the coronation of the one who will replace Amandine Petit. We thus try to make you know all the contenders for the crown. But today, we will be interested in Cécile Wolfrom, Miss Alsace.

Miss France 2022: Who is Cécile Wolfrom

As we already know, the candidates of Miss France are those who won in regional. As a result, they already have a Miss title. This is the case with Cecile Wolfrom. Elected Miss Alsace 2021 last Sunday, she signed her participation for Miss France 2022. She was then one of the 19 candidates who ran for election in Bas-Rhin.

It was a great event for the Alsatians. At Sélestat, the ceremony brought together more than 2,000 people. Cécile then succeeded Aurélie Roux, elected last year. Delighted, she thanked all of her friends and fans on Instagram. A community that already counts 60,000 subscribers. For her, the next step would then be to win the title of Miss France 2022 this December 11.

Despite having a lot of followers, Miss Alsace is not yet known to everyone. This is how we give you some information about it. In fact, Cécile Wolfrom comes from Bas-Rhin. She was born in Strasbourg and currently has 24 years. A 6th year student, she is training in pharmacy. Later, she plans to start a second doctorate in commerce at theEssec Business School.

Miss France 2022 elections

In addition to her impressive university career, the young woman is also a great sportswoman. Moreover, she often talks about it with her fans on social networks. Skiing and tennis are his favorite sports. However, the Miss also has the soul of a musician. From a young age, she has been playing the piano. Young, beautiful and intelligent, she has all the criteria of a Miss.

Cécile Wolfrom: simple and natural

Unlike other women, Miss Alsace 2021 is not afraid to appear naturally on social networks. On her Instagram account, she posted a photo of herself with the caption: ” Natural, without filter, without makeup, without eyelash extensions, without anything “. This contender for the title of Miss France 2022 advocates simplicity and naturalness.

Moreover, she devoted an entire line of her legend to write a message full of common sense for women. She said : “No woman needs artifice to be beautiful, we all are and elegance is when outer beauty is equal to that of the heart”. Words and advice worthy of a Miss France 2022.

Besides her good education, Cécile is also a person who likes to have fun and to venture out. Indeed on one of her publications she mentions that she is “a little head in the air, sensitive, emotional but also and above all benevolent, always up for the adventure, committed, determined, who is not afraid of failure ”. A real fighter close to winning the coveted title.

But what she prefers above all is the moments shared with the family. His photos testify to this. She also said that: ” nothing is as valuable as memories with our loved ones, precious moments with family and some friends. “. These relatives who certainly were and will be present to support her for her election of Miss France 2022.

The other candidates of Miss France 2022

Since the regional elections, we already know 21 names who will participate in Miss France 2022. Among them, Tumateata Buisson, Mélysa Stephenson or Emma Renucci and Eva Navarro. Without forgetting Marion Ratié, Ludivine Edmond and Emmy Chenin. Dana Virin, Lolita Ferrari, Hannah Friconnet and Ambre Andrieu will also be there. The same goes for Julie Cretin, Anaïs Werestchack, Line Carvalho and Sarah Conan.

In addition to those mentioned above, Charlotte Faure, Chloé Galissi, Julie Beve or Diane Leyre will compete for the crown. And of course there will be Anna Ousseni and Cécile Wolfrom. Other names will soon be revealed since some regional elections have not yet been held. In the meantime, let’s try to find out more about the Miss France 2022 candidates. Who is the one who deserves to wear the crown?

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