everything you need to know about the sequel to the Netflix series!

Taken over by Netflix since the year 2019, the American series Lucifer is entering its 6th season. This character is none other than an adaptation of a comic book hero created by Tom Kapinos, classified in the fantasy and supernatural genre.

The Lucifer series was dropped by Fox News

Lucifer first aired in 2018 on Fox News. Having seen no interest in producing the series after Season 3, Netflix took over. She even informed fans that season 5 will close the adventures of Lucifer, which was scheduled for release on August 21.

The Lucifer series taken over by Netflix

Today, fans are stunned by the news, as there is going to be a season 6 very soon. The reason for the launch of season 6 is due to the fruit of an agreement between Netflix and the hero of the series. The release of season 5 is not even fixed, as season 6 of Lucifer is already in the making.

The delayed season 5 release date

Although there has been a series of negotiations between the Warner Bros team and Tom Ellis, the result of this meeting is the filming of the 6th season. Remember the fans, because Lucifer season 5 is not even released that the producers are already doing the following season. Unfortunately, the release date has not yet been set. This is due to the unstable situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

A cast of hell for season 6 of Lucifer

Season 6 will be an opportunity for viewers to see their favorite actors again. While filming has yet to begin, fans are already looking into who the villains are, the stubborn, and the smart in this story.

We can see among other things a preview of the people who will play in the 6th season such as Kevin Alejandro keeps his role of detective, DB Woodside plays the angels for Amenadiel, Lesley Ann Brandt for Mazikeen, etc. The list is long, because it is a cast of hell that will shake the new adventures of Lucifer.

Lucifer season 6 maintains the suspense

Fans are already wondering what will be the basis of the mystery of Season 6 while the 5th is not even revealed to the public. Audiences will be confident, as the writers will know what to do to differentiate the two seasons. However, there will be some overlapping stories, as usual.

Seasons that will be very different

The safest thing is that the different seasons aired so far have all been different, although there have been some back-and-forth stories. This is what makes the logic of television series. If the producers think they will no longer broadcast a 7th season, they will have to consider giving a nice ending story to the series.

Lucifer season 6

However, for the fans, Tom Ellis takes on his role of Lucifer well. Fans are asking for yet another magic trick from this extraordinary hero. There will always be an end to a story, but we don’t know when? Because the adventure continues for the other actors. These acolytes will still be emulated as the fact of arriving at season 5 of Lucifer is a victory for the actors who will stay in the race.

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