Go on an ethical and sustainable cruise on the big blue!

Cruises are attracting more and more people and are now of interest to all age groups. An understandable interest, because traveling around the Mediterranean, the Red Sea or even the Atlantic can only make people dream.

To satisfy their public and meet the challenges of the moment, international cruise companies are making great efforts to make their cruises greener, sustainable and fair. Costa Croisière is not left out, it is even at the forefront of this movement with an uncompromising ecological and ethical commitment.

A sustainable cruise from A to Z

On the cruises Costa, a commitment is made not to neglect anything in order to make the trip as clean, ecological, durable and ethics.

Plastic recycling and hunting

This durability firstly relies on one of the major ecological levers: the recycling. On the company’s ships, 100% of your waste is sorted and managed with total respect for the environment, thus contributing to the circular economy. Plastic, a major culprit in marine pollution, is also a top concern for the company.

You will see almost none of these disposable items made from this material on board. Single-use items, such as cutlery, dishes and other cups are also banned. No more miniatures and other single-dose samples containing harmful microplastics.

Preservation of water resources

If you embark on a Costa cruise, you will be showering with sea water. But before it gushes out of your shower head, it will have been desalinated and purified to make it perfectly soft. The desalination of seawater and its use on ships is part of a global cruise line approach which aims to rationalize the consumption of this limited resource that is fresh water.

No food waste

Cruises convey an image of relaxation, adventure and luxury, and all of this is possible without waste. On a sustainable cruise, you can enjoy the 500 recipes concocted by the chefs on board, without giving in to overconsumption. The dishes are seasonal, they take into account the availability of raw materials and special attention is given to their nutritional value. Cutting-edge technologies and effective awareness campaigns in turn help reduce food waste on board.

Clean ships

Even the propulsion of ships is less polluting. Part of the company’s fleet is, in fact, made up of state-of-the-art vessels, powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) engines, the fuel which is, to date, the most efficient in terms of environmental view.

No sustainability without equity

Many of you see cruising not as a vacation that boils down to a simple sea voyage with visits to typical places, but rather as a voyage of discovery of other cultures and societies. This vision is shared by Costa who considers that your destinations are not only places rich in tourist attractions, but above all the meeting of communities with their specificities, traditions and cultures.

Each of the places you visit has a unique identity that the company helps protect. It is in this perspective of equity and durability that the company launched the Costa Crociere foundation to share happiness with all. The foundation has launched 29 projects in 130 countries. To date, more than 56,000 people have benefited from it thanks to an investment of 5 million euros. These projects are funded by Costa Cruises and if you get on one of them you will be contributing too.

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