Hagda Prata’s awesome new tip for beautiful, shiny hair!

As fall approaches, let’s take care of ourselves! Some will pay more attention to their silhouette while others will think of a hair treatment.

And yes, our hair is the sign of our femininity and make all our beauty. For Hagda Prata, reality TV celebrity, certain treatments deserve our attention. Discover her tip for shiny and silky hair care!

Hagda Prata’s tutorials to care for her hair

It has been a few weeks now that Hagda Prata implemented a new program. The young woman who revealed herself in reality TV quickly became an ambassador of hair care! How? ‘Or’ What ? In sharing simple tips to help us make our mane a perfect part of our beauty. Moreover, there is no shortage of ideas to cope with the small changes that our mane can undergo.

Want a hair treatment that eliminates split ends? A few days ago, Hagda Prata shared her tip for quality hair care. The accessories that she uses all like the products allow her toto have such a silky and long mane. An asset that many followers envy him besides. Followers of long hair, Agda’s latest sharing can only please you!

Now that the end of summer is slowly taking place, it’s time to let your mane blow in the wind. But be careful, this implies that you take even more care of it. We must not forget that under the sun our hair is subjected to even greater assaults. It will therefore be necessary to think about carrying out hair care allowing to protect them and to ensure their beauty over time. And this is precisely what the beautiful Hagda Prata offers you in her last tutorial to take care of her hair! We tell you more in the next lines.

Rice water, your ally for good hair care!

If there is something that makes Hagda Prata unique in her tutorials, it is her taste for organic products. We must recognize that his advice is always easy to achieve and often with products you have at home. On June 18, the young reality TV star also decided to share with us a brand new tip that could radically change the care you give to your hair!

Her tip for silky, shiny hair? Rice water! This solution that we often thought unnecessary has many virtues that we would never have imagined. Through its publication, Hagda Prata reveals for example that rice water: “makes silky and shiny” the hair. But that’s not all ! This technique is also ideal for ensuring the hydration your mane needs in the face of heat and pollution.

Another strong point of rice water: promote regrowth! Used regularly, this solution has the advantage of providing many nutrients for complete hair care! You can count on its composition in various minerals and antioxidants for maximum effect.

The shine and suppleness trick of Hagda Prata

How to use rice water on your hair? Nothing could be simpler than this trick that Hagda Prata reveals to us. The reality star begins first with wash the rice in a little water for the preparation of his hair care. Once the latter no longer contains any storage residues and the like, we can move on to the next step!

The latter consists of placing the rice in water which covers it entirely. Opt for a container that closes so that the dwell time really takes effect. It will be necessary leave the rice in this water for at least 24 hours so that it releases all the essential nutrients for your hair care.

For the last step, go to shampoo your mane! Apply the rice water to your hair when it is dry. Let the liquid take effect and reach your entire length during this hair treatment. The ideal break time is one hour. Remember to rinse properly afterwards.

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