he presents “Slice of life” his latest collection of poetry!

Following the recent publication of her collection of poetry “Slice of life”, Laurence Wagner-Levkov granted us an interview.

Can you introduce yourself as an author / poet?

Born to a journalist father and a French-history-geography teacher, I have been immersed in literature since my childhood.

In 1973, at the age of 15, my life changed. In one night my eyesight went from 10/10 to 1/10. From this experience I drew strength from it, and I decided to share it by writing an autobiography on my journey and society’s view of people with disabilities, entitled “another view on life”. Always in the spirit of communion with the readers, I embarked on the publication of collections of poetry on everyday life. My latest experience is writing haikus (Japanese poems).

You have just published a collection of poetry called “Slice of life”, can you tell us more?

Slices of Life ”is a photograph of time taken at an instant T. We can compare life to a huge baguette of which we eat a slice every day. Sometimes the bread is fresh, it crisps happily. Sometimes it is stale but we have to swallow it if we only have that to survive. Sometimes you think about how it is made.

In your collection, you describe an unconditional love for Paris and nature, what do you have to tell us about this?

Born in Paris in the 12th arrondissement, and living in the suburbs just three kilometers away, I can say that the capital and its nature inspire me regularly.

I like to think outside the box; I try to make discover the city to my family and my friends through the paths, the passages, the lungs of greenery, without forgetting the walks on the Seine or the quays, except for the diehards who wish to visit only the usual monuments .

With public transport, you can cover the whole city and see that Paris is not only concrete and dirt, but can also be a source of inspiration and rapture.

What are your inspirations for your writings?

My sources of inspiration are everyday life, whatever the title of the collections

I talk about what surrounds me, makes me smile or cry. However, even in sad situations, I still hold on to a hope to move on and turn the page.

Everything is conducive to storytelling: my life, life: birth, childhood, adolescence, friendship, adventures, travel, nature, death …

Finally, a last word for your future readers?

I write with my heart, in simple language because I want it accessible to everyone.

I only keep the poems that I like, because I tell myself that they can then also reach those who read them. Whether you are an author or reading, it is important to have fun. Escape is priceless. A nice journey to all of you. My collections will always remain in the same spirit.

Buy “Slice of life”: Link / Author’s site: Link.

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