In Cochabamba they emulate “The Squid Game” and offer Bs 5,000 to the winner

“The Squid Game”, the series that sweeps Netflix’s historical records, arrives in Cochabamba. A company called Soluciones Integrales was encouraged to emulate the series, although with its own characteristics.

Next Saturday, from 9:00 am, all those who have signed up to live this extreme adventure should meet at the Cendi school, which is located next to the Universidad Mayor de San Simón.

“We are trying to make a very nice event for the whole family, with children and adults, so that they can come and participate in these seven games that are being organized with an interesting prize,” one of the organizers told TV. The award is expected to be 5,000 Bolivians.

Those who want to compete must present themselves with white t-shirts and blue jeans, so that there is the greatest similarity, so that the game is as real as possible and that the illusion is generated that everyone is in uniform.

The call, which takes place on social networks, has motivated the interest of users not only from Cochabamba, but also from Oruro, Santa Cruz and other departments, who have already registered.

Those who just want to be observers can also be part of it.

People over 15 years of age will need to carry authorization certificates issued by their parents or guardians. In the case of those over 18, they will have to carry their identity card and certificate of anticovid vaccine.

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