Lenka announces that funds will finally arrive in favor of her winning project

Lenka Nemer, Miss Bolivia Universe 2021, said this morning that the organization is managing the payment of $ 10,000 (her award for the coronation) in favor of the Huertos Urbanos Bolivia project.

“We have three current programs, currently, all with our own funds, because Miss Universe did not grant the award, but I am more than proud,” she had responded two weeks ago to one of her followers on the Tik Tok platform.

The picture has changed today, since Miss Universe informed Nemer about the progress of the situation and the next steps to follow. The model provided details on her official Instagram account.

“In these days, the Miss Universe office mentioned to me that my Social Impact award of 10,000 dollars was not paid by Mrs. Saba Youssef and Miss Universe is in legal proceedings with a lawsuit for fraud against this person and the Invisismart company” , reported.

Nemer added that the organization is taking charge “personally” of said payment. “(…) Accounting is already coordinating with my agency Promociones Gloria, the transfer of the ‘Social Impact’ award immediately,” he said.

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