Phrase “You are not Peter Parker” puts fans of “Spiderman No Way Home” on edge

“You are not Peter Parker” is the phrase that has put fans of “Spiderman No Way Home” on edge, exactly one month after its premiere in Bolivia and Latin America. It was poured last night by Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) 57 seconds after the official trailer for the film from Sony and Marvel Studios.

In the context of this advance, Spiderman (Tom Holland) enters into combat with the remembered villain of the saga directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire (specifically the second installment, which hit theaters in 2004). In a sequence of the video published yesterday, the antagonist neutralizes the arachnid and reveals his face, after which, he tells him the aforementioned that has generated a wave of theories in communities of youtubers and fans of the saga.

In an interview given to Variety magazine a few months ago, Molina, who plays Otto Octavius ​​/ Doctor Octopus, had mentioned that his character’s story continued where it had ended 17 years ago, drowning in the Hudson River with the reactor, which threatened to New York City.

The “ignorance” of Holland’s Peter Parker “opens the door” to believe that the villain only remembers Maguire’s face and therefore told him that he is not who he “seemed to be”. “This rules out the theory of the three Hollands”, exclaimed César Monge, better known as Pelicomic, in his video reaction to the trailer when this sequence came out.


Unlike the trailer that came out in August, the one last night delved into other aspects of what could be the plot of the third movie of the arachnid in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, for its acronym in English).

Doctor Strange explained to Parker that since he “altered the spell (shown in the last trailer)”, they have been receiving “visitors from each universe” in reference to Octopus, the Green Goblin, Electro, Sand Man (Sand Man) and the alligator.

A point of conflict occurs when the Supreme Sorcerer mentions that all these villains had lost their lives fighting with Spiderman and that it was “their destiny”. The MCU’s Spidey tries to avoid him and this provokes a confrontation with the “master of the mystical arts.”

Another fight takes place against Electro, Sand Man and the Lizard. This scene, according to the feeling of some fans, is “very cut” and leaves the possibility that Maguire and Andrew Garfield appear.

As happened in “The Amazing Spiderman 2” (Mark Webb) with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) falling after a fight between the arachnid and the Green Goblin from that 2014 film, Michelle Jones (MJ, Zendaya) ends up falling into the void and Spider-Man tries to save her, after which there is a cut.

The trailer ends with Parker (MCU) asking, “What’s going on?”, To which Strange responds, “They’re starting to come in and I can’t stop them.” That is the end point of the “expected trailer” and continues the division of criteria between those who believe that Maguire and Garfield will appear in the film starring Holland and those who flatly deny it. The verdict will come out on December 17.

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