Script Chief Sues Alec Baldwin for Shooting While Filming “Rust”

The script supervisor of the film “Rust”, Mamie Mitchell, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the American actor and producer Alec Baldwin and other members of the production of that film after the accidental shooting death of the director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, during the filming of it.

In the complaint, Mitchell accused the film’s production team, including Baldwin, of being responsible for the dangerous conditions on the set, which contained several weapons, and causing her physical and emotional injuries after the tragic accident that ended the life of Hutchins at Bonanza Creek Ranch, in Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA).

The lawsuit this Wednesday before the Superior Court of Los Angeles (USA) adds to the one presented a week ago by the head of lighting for the film “Rust”, Serge Svetnoy, who also alleged that the conditions were complicated.

In a press conference, Mitchell, who was the first to call the US emergency number after the shooting, explained through tears that she was next to Baldwin and Hitchins when the actor pulled the trigger on October 22.

“I heard a deafening gunshot and was stunned: I heard groans of pain and turned around and saw how the director (Joel Souza, who was injured) was falling backwards and I saw Halyna falling to my left. I ran out and called the 911, “recalled the script boss.

In that same press conference, Mitchell’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, said that Baldwin “chose to play Russian roulette when he fired a gun without checking.”

The lawyer said that two days before the fatal shooting “there were warning signs” about the use of weapons in the filming.

“A camera operator had reported two gun shots during a rehearsal and said it was ‘very dangerous,'” said Allred, who lamented that the production “ignored important safety protocols designed to ensure that firearms are used. in a safe way”.

As the official investigations progress, more details of the accident have become known, such as that one of the film’s deputy directors, David Halls, who handed the gun to Baldwin, was fired from another shoot in 2019 for a similar incident although, fortunately, no one was hurt then.

Halls acknowledged that in “Rust” he did not review the gun he handed to Baldwin before rehearsing the scene because he was convinced it contained fake bullets.

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