Sophie Davant: The host’s astronomical salary has been revealed: “it makes my life sweet” she said!

French journalist, radio host and television host Sophie Davant has made her place in the French media landscape! Born in 1963, Sophie Davant’s epic began when she was barely twenty-three. Going from channel to channel, participating in all the programs, it will know how to slip into our screens or into our ears. After having worked hard to climb the social ladder, Sophie Davant reveals her (gross) salary!

Having a sweet life, but not flaring up, here is his watchword!

During an interview for Release, Sophie Davant announces to receive 320,000 euros gross annually. What to afford to have “the sweet life” to use his own words. The presenter admits spending her money with friends, on well-deserved vacations and in many places that will allow her to savor life the way it should. But it does not flare up, she certifies.

The presenter of a successful deal would receive a salary equivalent to that of the president of France TV. Since the Court of Auditors takes care that no employee touches more than the President, can we deduce that Sophie Davant could have touched much more than what she is already touching? Enough to live a life even more beautiful than what she already enjoys!

Where can others find Sophie Davant?

If you like Sophie Davant, maybe you want to see her somewhere other than your TV or listen to her on the radio? The presenter works hard to find a place and she proves it with a heterogeneous career that offers her no less than six different publications, some of which are co-written, and also four comedies. Plays, operettas, TV films, she even has a Rosier named after her. Definitely, nothing stops him!

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