the sequel to the hit series will soon be on your screens!

The producers of the series are now unveiling some intrigues on season 3 of Sex Education. Get ready, we tell you all about the long-awaited season 3 of the series.

Very popular series on Netflix, Sex Education has seduced a large audience, the British television series was born in 2019 and was created by Laurie Nunn.

A look back at the 2nd season of Sex Education

Season 2 of Sex Education on Netflix was accompanied by 8 episodes. As a reminder, this series punctuates the stories and misadventures of young teens. Thus, they evoke their daily problems and their sexuality. This season 2 of the series was able to address various subjects.

Among the plots, we find the story of Otis who revealed his feelings to Maeve during a voicemail message. But she will never hear it since Isaac erased it. Among internet users, the end of season 2 was seen as somewhat boring. We hope that Season 3 of Sex Education will find the dynamics of the beginning and bring you intrigues up to your expectations.

Fan expectations for Sex Education season 3

The 3rd season is eagerly awaited by the fans. They wish to know the continuation of the adventures of their favorite characters. The directors evoke that Eric and Adam will not immediately know their happy endings. Regarding Maeve, she should get closer to Isaac, much to the disappointment of fans since many of you want her to get closer to Otis.

To revitalize the series, the production revealed the arrival of three new actors for this season 3. Due to the Covid-19, the shooting of this season has been delayed. We still do not know the release date of Sex Education season 3: still a little patience!

The arrival of three new characters in season 3

During the filming, the producer announced the arrival of three new actors in the cast: to the delight of the fans! Among the new arrivals is Jason Isaacs who will play Mr Groff’s older brother. Dua Saleh will also join Season 3 as Cal, a binary student.

It will add a touch of charm to the series. Finally, the latest recruit is Jemima Kirke Aka. She will play the character of Hope, a new director of Moordale. These new actors will accompany the actors already present in the series. Rest assured, no replacement is planned! Season 3, currently filming, should be released on your screens by the end of 2021.

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