the sequel to the series is slated for very soon!

Following the endless wait of fans of the series “The Last Kingdom”, Netflix, the streaming platform, has announced that there will be a season 5 for the literary saga written by Bernard Cornwel.

Followers of the TV series devoured Season 4 with passion which created questions regarding a possible new season.

A season 5 of The Last Kingdom is guaranteed

Netflix then put an end to their doubt by announcing that season 5 of The Last Kingdom is about to be released. In addition, the platform has secretly revealed that the sixth season, an adaptation of volume 10 is in the works.

The ninth volume, published during the year 2015, entitled “The warriors of the storm”, will be adapted to the screen. This season 5 of The Last Kingdom tells the story of the main character, Uhtred, during the war between the Saxons and the Vikings. In addition, season 6 will be the adaptation of the tenth volume “The Flame Door” released a year later in bookstores.

While waiting for the new adaptations, fans will not be disappointed with the exciting adventures of Uhtred. Since the works titled “The Saxon Stories” are still in preparation, fans will be well served.

A devouring passion after the release of season 4

Season 4 of The Last Kingdom had a dazzling triumph after its release on April 26, 2020. Moreover, a quarter after its release, Netflix had already announced a next season.

The Last Kingdom season 4

On social networks, lead actor Alexander Dreymon supported the claims of the streaming platform. He even went so far as to make an official announcement on the subject. On the other hand, the production house did not comment, but it maintained the suspense by revealing the probable continuation of the series.

Admittedly, the filming of season 5 is in progress, the viewers will not see the new episodes before 2021 and even in 2022. The sanitary measures related to the Coronavirus had to postpone the filming of this new season. They will therefore have to wait wisely for several months before seeing their favorite series again.

Some anecdotes about The Last Kingdom series

The Last Kingdom appeared in the top 10 favorite French and German series. For the next season 5 release, it was announced on Twitter by the cast themselves.

In addition, the main character’s children will be on screen more than in previous series. Although the series deviates from the storylines of the novels, fans will always be there!

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