These linen outfits from H&M, Zara and Mango that are perfect for this fall!

To make things easier for you, we have selected for you the prettiest linen outfits from H&M, Zara or Mango. See you below to discover them all.

With fall coming, it’s time to fill your wardrobe with new outfits. Linen is the ideal material for the off-season. However, it can be tricky to navigate through all the linen clothes.

Why choose linen outfits?

First of all, it is important to learn more about flax and its composition. It turns out that for some time now, the fashion industry has been heavily sanctioned for its environmental impact. Indeed, the textile sector is one of the areas which emit the most greenhouse gases and which mainly occupies the soil.

This is why many brands are looking for greener alternatives. This is where linen comes in, it is a material that has a smaller environmental footprint compared to other fabrics. It is a plant and natural material that is cultivated in temperate climates. In addition, growing flax requires little water and few pesticides, it is a very robust plant. The latter will develop in a completely natural way with rainwater and sunlight.

This is not the case with cotton for example, which requires very significant artificial irrigation. Flax is also completely biodegradable, as long as it has not undergone any chemical treatments. Finally, working with linen, whether it is spinning, weaving or even making it, does not require a lot of energy. By choosing linen clothes for the summer, you will be trendy while preserving the environment.

Two trendy linen outfits by Mango and Zara

To find the linen outfit that will suit you perfectly this summer, head to Mango and Zara. At Zara, you will find a superb little linen dress, both light and comfortable. This fashionable piece will be ideal for hot summer days. Its pink color will bring freshness and originality to your look. With its straight cut, it will suit all body types and highlight any silhouette. With its price of only 29.95 euros, it really has it all.

Mango pants

If you don’t like dresses, at Mango you will find very nice linen pants. It is a light and practical garment that you can wear even in summer. It displays a very trendy khaki color this season that will match any skin tone. Its fluid cut will go just as well to thin people as to people a little rounder. You will have to count 39.99 euros to treat yourself to this fashionable piece.

Two fashion pieces signed H&M and Zara

This summer, the maxi dress is very fashionable. To find an XXL version linen dress, Zara is the place to be. Thus, the brand offers a magnificent white linen dress. The latter can be tightened at the waist with a belt so as to refine your silhouette. It also has small buttons that will give a little vintage side to your look.

It is a quality piece that can accompany you all summer, whether it is to go to work or during your vacation on the beach. To enjoy this pretty dress, it will cost you only 59.99 euros. If you like color, Zara also offers a very beautiful sky blue linen dress for 39.99 euros. At H&M, you can opt for a shirt-effect linen dress. It is a cut that is particularly trendy this season.

This dress model flatters all silhouettes and erases small flaws. It will be perfect to enjoy a beautiful summer evening. This dress is priced at 49.99 euros. Now you know which linen outfits to turn to to be fashionable this summer while enjoying comfortable and comfortable clothes to wear. All you have to do is choose your favorite linen outfit.

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