what are the trending swimsuits this year!

When it comes to fashion, trends change year after year and swimsuits are no exception. However, it is possible to find timeless pieces that you can adopt in 2021 like the following summers!

Floral or plain prints, bright and retro colors, go below to discover the men’s and women’s swimwear trends for 2021 that you will never get tired of.

Solid swimsuits

If you are rather looking for a sober and elegant swimsuit, monochrome is also very fashionable this year 2021. So, whether in the male locker room or in the female locker room, by opting for a one-color swimsuit you will be trendy while remaining chic.

If you are looking for quality monochrome swim shorts, you can, among other things, visit the Slip Fran├žais website. On the latter, you will find a wide selection of Le Slip Fran├žais men’s swim shorts to be trendy with the arrival of sunny days.

Floral prints

If the floral print is a classic for spring and summer, it is usually reserved for shirts and blouses. However, this year 2021, it will make its appearance on swimsuits, both for women and men. To be trendy, opt for large floral prints and avoid liberty patterns.

Floral print swimsuits

With these large floral designs, you don’t need to worry about other clothing pieces in your look. For men, you just need to pair your flowery swim shorts with a simple basic white T-shirt for a drink after your day at the beach.

Bright colors

This year 2021, bright colors are making a comeback in wardrobes, especially swimsuits. While in winter, the colors are darker, in summer it is the time to opt for shades fresh and dynamic.

So to be fashionable, do not be afraid to dare original shades, whether you are a man or a woman. Why not try hot pink, electric blue or even neon green? In addition, these flashy colors will perfectly highlight your tanned summer complexion. With these bright colors, you sport an original look with which you will be sure not to go unnoticed.

Retro swimsuits

The year 2021 marks the return of vintage clothing pieces. So, whether it’s the wardrobe of the 1970s or the 1990s, retro is particularly trendy this year. So, this summer, swimsuits also have a little vintage touch.

For men, swim shorts will adopt an A-shaped cut, with a wider opening at the legs. This model will go perfectly to people rather broad at the level of the bust. On the other hand, if you have very thin legs, this cut may accentuate it.

For women, you can opt for a high waist bikini bottom, which in addition to being fashionable, will refine your silhouette for a guaranteed flat stomach effect.

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