Would she be in danger? Older men follow her on Instagram!

Little Jade Hallyday has grown up. Now, we find the teenager mainly on social networks on which she is very present. Her last Instagram post unfortunately didn’t have the effect she hoped for.

At just 16 years old, Jade Hallyday is a real social media addict. She masterfully manages her Instagram account. More than 144,000 people follow his adventures daily. Thanks to this, she was able to launch her business thanks to the product placements and the advertising support she offers to brands.

The danger of social networks for young people

In recent years, many people have been trying to make people understand that young people can potentially be in great danger on social networks. In fact, the majority of young girls are followed by older men. The latter are not always benevolent.

In the majority of cases, they will just look and like the photos. The danger comes when others will try to start a discussion that is not appropriate.

Jade Hallyday had the turn this week by posting a photo of her in a swimsuit. Hundreds of older men have come to like his post. Some have gone so far as to comment to describe it as “caliente”. We do not even dare to imagine the private messages that the young girl must have received.

Laeticia does not see the danger for Jade Hallyday

Certainly, Jade Hallyday is a very beautiful young woman, but we must not forget that she is a minor and that her mother, Laeticia, has her say on the matter. Under the photo of her daughter in a swimsuit, her mother simply commented “I love you my light”.

Still, it’s a safe bet that she must have read these men’s comments on her daughter’s body. Internet users immediately reacted by wanting to make Laeticia Hallyday understand that Jade should dress a little more to avoid attracting perverts. So far, the two women have not responded. Fans of the rocker hope that Laeticia will know how to take the necessary measures to protect her daughter.

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