Annie reveals to us the nightmare she has been living since she was married to Thierry!

Among the couples that “Love is in the meadow” has been able to form, that of Thierry and Annie is certainly the one that makes him more proud.

Emblematic of reality TV, the two lovebirds still experienced the worst despite the love that unites them. Moreover, Annie revealed part of her nightmarish experience while living this relationship.

Is it the end of a perfect romance for Annie and Thierry?

Since the creation of the show, Love is in the meadow, almost 16 years ago now, the number of applicants who have finally found the love of their life is countless. The proof, Karine Le Marchand was able to attend the union of some of them and even the birth of their children.

But unfortunately, the separations are not less either. Among the candidates who saw their couple collapse is Annie. She even mentioned that her life had become hell since this marriage.

However, the couple seemed to be in perfect harmony and have everything to be happy. Only here, what we see is not always reality. Apparently, this is only in appearance.

It wasn’t the perfect love of Love is in the meadow

The beginning of the relationship was perfection embodied for Annie and Thierry. From their first meeting on the show Love is in the meadow, it was love at first sight. Everything happened a little too quickly for the two lovers, because the sympathy they feel for each other quickly turned into love, which in addition is big A.

This love is so strong that their relationship ended in marriage, making them the most iconic couple in reality TV. Unfortunately, the couple also had their share of difficulties, which ultimately could not overcome.

According to the young woman, everything was perfect for them, except that her husband’s family did not carry her in their hearts. For the young bride who is happy yet in the arms of her loving husband, it is a real heartbreak. The worst part about it is that there is no good reason why her in-laws don’t like her.

The end of a relationship that promised to be fulfilling

We admit that in a married life, there are plenty of difficulties. It is moreover the latter which spice up the relationship and consolidate the union. But this is not the case for Thierry and Annie whose little drop broke the camel’s back.

Annie and Thierry de l’Amour is in the meadow

Despite the attachment of two lovebirds from Love is in the Meadow, their entourage and external events made things unbearable. The idyllic daily life that the couple boasted so much ended up collapsing little by little.

After discovering that his wife was the victim of numerous criticisms and various attacks, Thierry made the radical decision to leave his clan to live their love to the fullest. It is a choice that turns out to be very painful, because leaving your family to start another is not really a piece of fun.

In spite of this detachment, the couple tried to live fulfillment, except that Thierry suffered terribly from the absence of his family. This is where the story must have ended.

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