BCP, the best rated bank in the system by AESA

Banco de Crédito BCP was the best evaluated entity of Bolivian banking in the most recent risk analysis prepared by the rating agency AESA (associated with Fitch Ratings).

The BCP not only obtained the AAA rating as of December 31 of last year, but it appears as the only bank with a “stable” outlook or trend, that is, it is expected that the favorable evaluation will be maintained for at least the next six months.

As happened in January of last year, the AESA 2022 report reveals that BCP is the best bank in the country in terms of credit quality and low risk of default.

The risk rating is a professional, informed and independent opinion on the ability of a financial institution to meet its contractual obligations. Evaluates various performance variables that reflect credit quality and risk factors.

“This is an excellent rating result that places us as the leading bank in Bolivia in this regard. It also confirms that good work has been done on solvency issues, in line with the experience and strength of a holding company like Credicorp ”, stated the General Manager of BCP, Marcelo Trigo Villegas.

According to Trigo, there are different elements that allow rating the performance of a bank, but “without a doubt the issue of risk is one of the most important, because it weighs the path of profitability and the prospects for stability of a financial institution.”

“In addition to the traditional values ​​of trust and solvency, the BCP now offers an experience of change that is reflected in its commitment to transform itself into a technology company that offers financial services and a central player for the generation of opportunities, individual and corporate, that allow to accelerate the economic reactivation ”, concluded Trigo.

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