Credicorp consolidates its innovation strategy with a new innovation management at the holding level

Credicorp Ltd., a leading financial holding company in Peru with a presence in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Panama and the United States, today announced important corporate changes at the forefront of its innovation strategy and its insurance and pension business line.

In line with its disruptive innovation strategy, the Group’s board approved the creation of a new Innovation Management at the holding level, which will report directly to the company’s CEO. Francesa Raffo, current Deputy General Manager of People and Small Businesses at BCP, will be in charge of inaugurating the position of Corporate Manager of Innovation at Credicorp, starting on February 1, 2022.

With the new structure, the financial holding company seeks to strengthen its capacity to incubate new models in the innovation centers owned by each of its four lines of business (Universal Banking, Microfinance, Insurance and Pensions, and Investment Banking and Wealth Management). and continue identifying external innovation opportunities through Krealo, Credicorp’s open innovation arm. This in order to achieve levels of agility and user experience similar to that of the fintech environment, taking advantage of its network of distribution channels, broad diversification and scale in the financial industry.

“Francesca is the ideal person to take on this role and deepen our digital transformation process at the Credicorp level. Her extensive experience at BCP, her passion for digital and her confidence in the power of disruption will be useful to her in leading the Group’s ambitious innovation plans”, said Gianfranco Ferrari, CEO of Credicorp, about Raffo’s appointment.

The executive, who will maintain her current position at BCP, has more than 26 years at the bank, where she led its transformation, created the first innovation center and led various strategic projects related to Process Reengineering, Retail Banking, Exclusive Banking, Marketing and Transformation. Raffo has a degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Management Information Systems from the American University of Washington DC

New leader at the head of Insurance and Pensions

Credicorp’s board of directors also announced the appointment of César Rivera, current General Manager of Pacífico Seguros, as the new Head of the insurance and pension business line of the holding company. Rivera will replace Álvaro Correa, who recently retired from the Group, from February 1.

Rivera, who will also maintain his current position, has more than 25 years of experience in leadership positions in the sector in Peru and other countries in the region. In Peru, for example, he held the General Management of Pacífico Vida and the General Management of Santander Vida Seguros y Reaseguros, and in Argentina he served as Deputy General Manager of ALICO (American Life Insurance Company). The Industrial Engineer from the University of Piura and MBA from ESAN is also a member of the board of directors of Prima AFP, Mibanco, Crediseguro Personas and Crediseguro Generales of Bolivia.

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