Cristian Apaza, the first academic youtuber to exceed half a million subscribers

Cristian Apaza, the professor from Chuquisaca who went viral for uploading videos teaching mathematics on different social networks, is today recognized as the first academic YouTuber to exceed 500,000 subscribers.

He comments that uploading followers on YouTube is more complicated due to the algorithm it handles. However, his charisma helped him stand out and reach a good number of views. “I dared to upload two videos to YouTube, after two weeks it became very viral. The videos reached over a million and a half views. People asked me for more and the subscribers went up”, recalls Cristian.

Mathematics is not a subject that many love or understand, that is why Cristian seeks a different methodology so that students can assimilate it in a simpler way and, as he says, “in a more Bolivian way.”

Likewise, he presented his “Mathematical Cumbia”, a musical theme in which he teaches, singing, tricks to learn these exact sciences more easily and a theme with which he became more viral.

However, they are not his only achievements on digital platforms, on Tik Tok he already has 1.4 million followers, in the profile of this account he puts as a description: “Mathematics is not difficult”.

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