Disney closes its “Star Premium” signals in Latin America and migrates to streaming platforms

As of February 1 of this year, no operator in South America will be able to continue delivering the STAR PREMIUM channel package to its customers and users, which will be discontinued by decision of The Walt Disney Company.

The measure was communicated to all Latin American cable operators through a notification from Disney in which they indicate that: “all the channels included in the service known as Star Premium will be discontinued on January 31, 2022. We inform you that the discontinuation of the aforementioned signals will be carried out at a regional level, not being available to ANY pay TV OPERATOR in the region”.

Disney’s measure is worldwide and is being implemented gradually

The Walt Disney Company continues to implement its plan to close its television channels around the world, with the purpose of migrating its viewers to the Disney+ platforms, or for this particular case, to its new Star+ service.

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