Entre Pinceles, an entrepreneurship that reflects custom hand-painted designs on hats and garments

Creativity and entrepreneurship have generated endless projects among Cochabambinos. One of them is Entre Pinceles, a business that makes different personalized hand-painted designs on hats and other clothing.

The Cochabamba venture has stood out in recent times, as it presents casual and formal designs, but with the particularity of personalized garments, according to the occasion. This, to “client’s taste”.

Fabiola Calvi, the creator of all art and a veterinarian by profession, told Buena Noche de Opinion Bolivia how she does all her work.

“They are personalized designs, both casual and to go out to meetings, traveling and all that. I try to make the colors stand out, both the designs and the range of colors and customizations. It depends a lot on what the client wants and what comes out”, she said, in time to show all the material she makes.

He stressed that it is important to “show” the progress of his work to the client to make it ideal and surprising.

“There are other models that are unisex… they tell me what they want, I show them at the end in the hat and they see… There are also for children. We have made different designs, ”she limited.

But, not only hats are made. The designs are also reflected in any garment, whether they are caps, jackets, shirts and shorts.

“You can search for us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, networks where you can find all our work,” he said, mentioning that prices are affordable, depending on the design that the client wants.

Any questions or requests, Between Brushes enabled cell phone number 60767795.

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