find out what are the best trends for Spring / Summer 2021!

What can we wear well this summer? There are a number of must-have pieces you need to wear during spring and summer to be fashionable this Spring / Summer 2021.

These are the 2021 fashion trends. Everything about colors, prints, clothes, accessories to have a trendy spring-summer 2021 look!

The top fashionable prints and colors for summer 2021

The new season obviously rhymes with new trends and collections to adopt. There are very chic outfits on the ready-to-wear shelves. They are in pink color. It is indeed the flagship color of Paris fashion week. This color was spotted on several catwalks during fashion week. The clothes in pink help to find the joy of living.

Chanel Spring-Summer 2021 show

The alternative color to pink is mauve as well as its various variations. This color goes with all skin types. The different greens are not left behind. Almond softness, vividness and plants are colors that have appeared in several Italian houses.

For more softness, it is necessary to bet on the neutral color mainly the sand shades. , very soflty. In addition, when it comes to print, the choice is sometimes difficult. Outfits with a color look totally in continuity, in color ” statement »Or in neutral tones are the trends for summer 2021. The motifs in the spirit of advertising pop-culture are seen in several stores, namely Chanel, Vuitton and Chloé. In Milan, florals in the garden spirit are particularly present.

The face of spring-summer 2021 fashion shows

Comfort will be there as well as chic. Comfort is a little pimped up at Miu Miu, Vuitton, Fendi, Chloé and Emporio Armani. We certainly put a little more on roundness, flexibility and fullness.

Emporio Armani Spring-Summer 2021 show

The sporty side will be offered as several alternatives in fashion houses. We suspect the chic pajama spirit as at Dior. The creators are also betting on tailoring, which is quite new in terms of cuts. Signs are already coming to this effect at Balmain, Sacai, Gauchère, Prada and Y / Project. Identifiable expressions of style are provided for all claws.

The codes that differentiate the big houses are better valued this season. The style of emerging designers will be the opposite of cross-cutting trends. The leg will be fashionable this summer. The very short will be at the rendezvous whether at Miu Miu or at Isabel Marant. The cyclist and Bermuda shorts will be offered by Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

The supple pants as well as the flare jeans will be on the shelves of Balmain, Mc Cartney, Kwaidan Editions and others. Special attention is provided for the sock. For the 2021 summer season, designers and fashion houses have failed to explore the past. We will therefore find very little neo-vintage or revival. They try to make a projection beyond fashion.

However, after Alessandro Michele’s flamboyant maximalist period with Gucci, a return to minimalist or minimalist form is planned for summer 2021. Simplicity and comfort are seen at Fendi, Prada, Dior and Hermès.

The essential star pieces for spring-summer 2021

The first piece is the soft pants, too long and flared. These pants can be worn with a mesh piece in order to have a good time at home. It goes well with the jacket on the way to work. It is recommended to take it to a retoucher so as not to inadvertently step on it.

Soft pants – Chanel show

The second piece that will be a fashion trend of 2021 is the cyclist. It is possible to associate it with several other outfits. It can be worn this summer with the large, supple blazer, the loose minimalist shirt or even with a bustier.

The third star piece not to be missed is the large collar. He was seen at Rokh and Patou. It will be available in a generous way on small dresses and blouses in the spring.

The lace will be present. It is the fourth star piece of this season. It exists in many ways. It is white and cotton at Fendi and Dior. She is neo-sporty hijacked with Stella Mc Cartney. It is in slip mode, worked and revamped at Kwaidan Eduitions, Koché and Gauchère.

The 70s neo bourgeois returns to the fashion catwalk during the spring 2021 season. She will triumph more during the fall. This is indeed his favorite season. The volumes at the shoulders remain as well as the sporty pieces. The latter regain all their legitimacy. The assumed darkness silhouette, the bralette under several seams, the baby doll wrapped sizes, the games of transparency, the statement collar are the fashion for summer 2021.

What to remember from the fashion trend for spring-summer 2021?

For this entry into the season in spring 2021, we will no longer mix the over-tailored jacket with Bermuda shorts or a cyclist. The loose kaftan dress as well as the large shirt dress are for summer. To accessorize them, you have to opt for a pendant, a beautiful belt and a flashy scarf in your hair. There are several trendy accessories to draw for this season.

Flat sandals – Chanel fashion show

In the shoe department, flat sandals with ankle straps or to tie are expected. The same is true of the small heel at Chanel. There is no question of missing out on ” dad sandal ” very comfortable. The sporty or designer mule or clog is still relevant today. Bold women prefer to wear open shoes and socks. Pointed-toe shoes are also very popular. Many people favor flat or low heel models.

On the handbag side, the mini-bag is no longer relevant. It leaves room for rigid formats of small sizes in many collections. Bags with very functional medium proportions and above all stripped of all vintage-bourgeois references will take center stage. White leather is a strong option. Large volumes of the shopper type remain very practical. Embroidered, tinsel, decorated bags and even vintage granny-type bags are to be stored in the cupboards to bring them out during the fall-winter.

Accessories – Spring-summer 2021

Jewelry is not left behind. We are witnessing a more growing decline of the neo-bourgeois spirit. In the shelves, we see few pearls even if the large stitches have a hard skin. The return of the long necklace and the pendant at Chloé and Dior heralds beautiful colors.

Other accessories can be considered in order to have a unique and original look. The thin Dior belt and the ” bold »At Vuitton can be worn alone or in pairs or even more. This season, we are discovering fewer hats. However, the Dior turban is a very fashionable accessory. It should be noted that during this season, some accessories are set back to make room for the silhouette. A disco allure, openwork silhouettes, bucolic prints are in the wake of 2021 fashion trends.

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