find out which are the top of the best health mutuals in 2021!

Are you in the habit of subscribing to your mutual health insurance a little by chance or of choosing the same one as your parents without thinking about it in more detail?

However, your needs change and you realize over time that you are no longer so well reimbursed. What if it was time to change health insurance and be really satisfied with it? Let yourself be guided !

Discover the list of the best health mutuals in 2021

Senior, student or father: depending on your profile, your needs are different. What works for one does not match for the other. It is difficult to navigate as there are so many offers on the market. The good news is that lists exist to make your job easier.

Based on the guarantee-price ratio, the source of the ranking raises the insurers Smeno, Axa and Médéric to the first three places. This doesn’t mean that they include all the guarantees you could possibly need, but that they offer the best deals on the market for their price.

Why choose a good mutual health insurance?

The choice of mutual health insurance is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Indeed, if some people are tempted to make savings every month by choosing a cheap contract at random, this is a very bad strategy. Health problems happen unpredictably, and with them, exams and operations. Medical costs tend to add up.

While Health Insurance covers 100% of the costs associated with long-term illnesses (cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc.), other expenses relating to dental or hearing aids weigh heavily on your budget. It is estimated that a family with two children will pay around 2000 euros each year. However, the most risky expense item remains hospitalization.

French hospitals are not free and the care provided in intensive care or surgery is particularly expensive. Did you think you could do without a mutual health insurance? Health Insurance covers 80% of the bill. The rest is at your expense: know that a day in a day in a specialized unit amounts to more than 3000 €.

How to define your criteria?

A good mutual is first and foremost a mutual according to your needs. Young in very good health? Pregnant woman ? Adept of alternative medicine? Depending on your profile and your family history, taking stock of your needs will allow you to choose the points that are most important for your health. Pay special attention to the three most poorly reimbursed positions, namely dentistry, optics and hospitalization.

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