Order Market is already growing 400% since its launch with a record delivery time of 19 minutes

With a growth of more than 400% since its launch, the first online supermarket in Bolivia, OrdersYa Market, has established itself as an ideal alternative for supplying citizens in a context in which staying at home is the safest option.

In this context and for three days, the supermarket will offer very attractive discounts in its 36 product sections, among which are cleaning accessories, personal hygiene products, dairy products, beverages, snacks and others. According to projections of the company, thanks to the growth of this business unit, it is considering incorporating new products, such as school and office supplies, a variety of meats, and expanding the current categories.

“The growth of this vertical is undoubtedly a sign that the markets fulfill an important need of the citizen, even more so in these moments in which we value being able to stay at home and save time in our purchases of the basic basket”, mentioned the General Manager of OrdersYa, Juan Pablo Velasco.

With a presence in the capital cities of the backbone, the markets are also a quick solution to acquire the main basic household supplies, with the record delivery time being 19 minutes and the maximum approximately 40 minutes.

The discounts will be available from June 9 to 11, in the capital cities of the backbone where the markets have a presence, that is; La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz; from 7:00 am to the circulation schedule defined by the municipal authorities of each city.

How to get the benefits of the supermarket?

1. Open the OrdersNow application

2. Enter the “Markets” button or select the banner on the cover of the application

3. Select the products you want to buy at a discount

4. Select delivery address, payment method and finalize the order

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