Qatar Airways will buy up to 50 777-8 freighters from Boeing for 20,000 million

The Qatari airline Qatar Airways has agreed to buy up to 50 freighters of the new Boeing 777-8 for a total price of about 20,000 million dollars, the American Boeing announced in a statement on Monday.

According to the note, the company from this small state in the Arabian Peninsula has signed the acquisition of 34 devices with the option of acquiring 16 more.

“The purchase is worth more than $20 billion, based on current prices, and is Boeing’s largest freighter sales commitment in its history on a price basis,” the statement said.

In addition, they have sealed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of 25 Boeing 737-10 with the right to purchase another 25 ships of this type of aircraft of the 737MAX family, for a value close to another 7,000 million dollars.

The 777-8 cargo plane is the latest model launched by Boeing in its line of 777X cargo planes and according to the company it is the freighter with the highest capacity (110 tons), largest and longest range in the industry (8,167 kilometers). .

“Which allows customers to make fewer stops and lower landing fees on long-haul routes,” the note says.

Boeing claims that if the cargo capacity is “virtually identical” to the 747-400 freighter, the new model has a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency, emissions and operating costs.

The announcement of the sale coincides with the visit of the emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al Zani, to Washington to speak with his American counterpart, Joe Biden, about energy, support for the people of Afghanistan and humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. .

In fact, the signing of the agreement took place at the White House in the presence of the White House Secretary of State for Commerce, Gina Raimondo, the Qatari ambassador and the top executives of Boeing and Qatar Airways, Dave Calhoun and Akbar al Baker. , respectively.

The aeronautical company also highlighted that the agreement will benefit hundreds of suppliers spread over 38 US states and will favor the maintenance of more than 35,000 jobs.

“Boeing has a long history of building market-leading cargo aircraft and Qatar Airways is honored to have the opportunity to be the launch customer for the 777-8 freighter,” Al Baker was quoted as saying in the statement. .

“We are proud that Boeing provides more than 90% of the world’s dedicated cargo capacity. With global supply chains under pressure and e-commerce in high demand, fleet performance and capabilities are more important than ever.” “Boeing Commercial Aircraft CEO Stan Deal said.

The news of the sale was reflected positively on the New York Wall Street Stock Exchange, and half an hour after closing, Boeing shares appreciated by 4.03%.

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