Release date, cast, plot, what we know so far!

A new take on the Holmes crime drama franchise, Enola Holmes ranks among the most beloved series by viewers. Considering its popularity, fans of this series can’t wait to watch Part 2.

Enola Holmes season 2, what is its release date?

According to Netflix, the order for Enola Holmes was made on May 13. However, no release date has yet to be confirmed. It should be noted that the first episode of the series arrived on Netflix in September 2020, while its production began in July 2019. It is therefore very likely that the sequel will follow the same program.

Given the production speed of the first part, maybe the release of Enola Holmes 2 will be in 2022. You should also know that our actress Millie Bobby Brown will be returning in the Stranger Things series, which means that the production and the shooting of Enola will be a bit late. The streaming giant has yet to release the trailer.

Enola Holmes season 1

It is appropriate to repeat a little what happened in Enola Holmes 1. Inspired by the mysterious case of the missing Marquis, this series tells the story of Elona, ​​the little sister of Mycroft Holmes and Sherlock. Educated at home and living with her mother, this young girl has learned to be more wary, courageous and independent.

The drama happened on his 16th birthday. At that time, Enola’s mother was disappearing, she just left gifts for her daughter. His brothers arrived to help Enola study. Unfortunately, she found the secret message left by her mother and made the decision to run away. Enola was able to uncover several mysteries concerning her family ties.

She was able to see her mother Eudoria again. The latter explained to him that the reason for his departure was to promote the cause of the suffragettes. Additionally, she said she is very proud of the real woman Enola has become. But why does Enola still have to leave? Discover the intrigues!

Some intrigues of Enola Holmes season 2

The story of Elona Holmes is more moving and warm. It emphasizes respect for women. For the moment, Netflix has not yet announced what Enola will do in this second part. On the other hand, the end of the first part can give us some clues.

Eunola finally found her mother before she left to continue her struggles to respect women’s rights. Enola is therefore under Scherlock’s tutelage and has the right to roam London, as she has become an amateur sleuth. She will therefore embark on another business in the sequel to come.

It is highly likely that Elona Holmes 2 is inspired by Springer’s book. This book tells the story of a young girl called Lady Cecily who mysteriously disappeared in her room, leaving no trace. Enola will go looking for him. Disguised as Enola, she goes to speak to Lady’s parents and they think she left with the poor son of a shopkeeper.

However, the actress discovers drawings and painting collections that have made her more suspicious. With her identity hidden, she will therefore undertake a great journey to find Lady Cecily. To succeed in her missions, she uses all possible means to avoid being captured by Sherlock.

Are all the actors going to come back?

Our Millie Bobby Brown will surely return to reprise her role. It is the same for Sam Claflin and Henry Cavill who play the characters of the brothers of Enola. The grande dame Helena Bonham Carter will likely return for the role of Eudora Holmes as well.

As for the Louis Partridge alias Tewkesbury, he must also return to always play his role. If this sequel takes place, we’ll likely see the faces of Mycroft and Adel Akhtar. There may also be new faces, but it all depends on the ideas that are already concocted by the writers and the director.

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