Singani Casa Real pays homage to the Oruro Carnival with commemorative case designs

Singani Casa Real dresses its Black Label Gran Singani cases with folklore to pay homage to the Oruro Carnival. Stephan Pelaez, Brand Manager of the brand, indicates that lovers of Bolivia’s emblematic drink will be able to learn more about four characteristic dances of the great festival of the Orureños: diablada, tinku, morenada and caporales.

“This initiative is our tribute to Oruro and its Carnival for being Intangible Oral Heritage of Humanity, its dances and joy that it transmits to the entire country. Consumers will find a QR in each packaging design that will take them to an audio in which they will be able to learn about the origins of each typical dance”, said the executive.

This initiative is valid only in supermarkets, liquor stores and authorized stores in Oruro.

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