Suculenta, a family business that “makes you feel at home”

Cochabamba does not stop generating surprising undertakings. In this case, Suculenta is one of them, a familiar place that makes you feel “at home”.

It is an undertaking that fills you with any craving. A sandwich, a cuñapé, a coffee, any type of pastry and much more can be found at Suculenta. And it really is familiar, since two mothers-in-law attend. “We do between sisters, sisters-in-law,” they said.

But not only can you find different types of food, but also other things that attract attention, such as utensils and jewelry, which are also made by the family.

There are also different products that attract attention, such as plant pedestals, jams, succulents, plants and others that have caught the eyes of Cochabambinos.

You can find them on social networks. On Instagram as Suculenta Cochabamba and with the same name on Facebook. Also at Also to WhatsApp through the number 78390100.

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