that sleeveless sweater that women want to have in their wardrobe this year!

More tiles at Mango! We don’t quite understand this craze, but check patterns are all the rage with fashionistas this year. And apparently, this will also be one of the fashion trends of 2021.

Indeed, the brands which have already unveiled on the winter 2021 collections make it clear that the empire of the check pattern is real. Among these brands, there is Mango, the one that all fashion enthusiasts know. Indeed, she has just launched her sleeveless sweater, ideal for being stylish in winter while staying warm.

Mango bets on sleeveless sweaters for 2021

For the winter of 2021, Mango has chosen to bet everything on sleeveless, and we are sure that it will be a huge success, because we already see all over Instagram fashionistas looking great, beautifully dressed in patterned sleeveless sweaters. tiles or diamonds, signed Mango.

Mango sleeveless sweater

This garment was taken from the locker room of the male gente d’autan, but this year, it will be in the women’s wardrobe. We love it already, because it allows to highlight femininity while cultivating the image of the wise girl.

We couldn’t find a better way to stay warm during the coming winter, while remaining stylish. What if you placed your order today? Before stocks run out!

How to wear a sleeveless sweater from Mango?

Whether you want to put it on to go to the office, to do your shopping or just for a stroll with your boyfriend, this sleeveless sweater from Mango will do the trick. For the winter, when the temperature is very low, we consider slipping it over another sweater with a high or non-high neck elsewhere.

Mango sleeveless sweater

When the sunny days begin to return, but the breeze is still fresh, we swap the sweater for a little long-sleeved shirt. But it can also be worn under a pretty chunky flannel jacket for even more style.

And the best part is that it can be worn with a pair of moccasins as well as a pair of sneakers for those who want to play it more casual.

But where do sleeveless sweaters come from?

This cut of clothing would have found its origins in Great Britain where it was baptized “tank top“. It had this name in reference to the famous jersey “tank suitOf swimmers in the 1900s.

Sleeveless sweater

The sleeveless style first resurfaced in the 1970s and was a favorite with fans of tennis, golf and others. A few years ago, it was found in the men’s closet before it became part of the 2021 fashion trend in the fashionista’s wardrobe.

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