The Anne Boleyn series, The Tudors, inspires fashion designers around the world!

More than a cult series, “The Tudors” played mainly by Jodie Turner-Smith has become popular by combining history and fashion trends. Get inspired by period costumes for your next look!

The producer Eve Hedderwick Turner brings to life the key moments of the time through this story by highlighting a woman who is both delicate and tenacious and who embodies the female model. What if the style of the characters in the series were the new top fashion trend? We tell you everything!

The Tudor era with a touch of modernity

The Tudor era is known for its patriarchal rule. While men rule, women and children must keep a low profile. The mini-series “Anne Boleyn” also tells the last three moments of a rebellious wife which gave hope to all the women of the time. A character that brought her death by beheading by her own husband. And if this series is mainly about history, it is no less interesting for fashionistas.

Especially since this year, the old fashion trend resurfaces To our delight. An influence that should also continue with this program since many fashionable pieces this season are inspired by this series. A result that we owe mainly to the talent of the costume team of the famous Anne Boleyn series.

Although this is a series dating back to the 1533s, the new update made by the director and stylist is wreaking havoc. According to Lynsey Moore, this is not a time when fashion is at the rendezvous. Its history on the other hand inspires thousands of women, so she combined the two to give magic and hope to all women. And it was felt in the choice of outfits of the actresses in this cult series!

Lynsey Miller’s creations for The Tudors series

Lynsey Moore, the stylist of the “Anne Boleyn” series recently opened up about the work she’s done. The latter therefore declares to have been inspired by fashion designers such as Christopher John Rogers, Gucci and Prada. Very large fashion houses whose reputation is well established for celebrities and individuals in terms of fashion trends.

In her creations, the costume designer reveals that she wanted to keep the elegance and beauty of the queen. We could also find the creation of his geniuses on Amanda Gorman during the nomination of Joe Biden with quilted headbands. Anne Boleyn stood out during the time of Henry VIII thanks to her daring outfits.

A long dress with a square neckline that brings out its beauty with a flashy necklace. Moreover, Moore intends to stay on this style of clothing, but it will bring a touch of modernity. According to her : “The costumes are not faithful from a historical point of view, but the Tudor essence of the silhouettes is there, with a modern twist”.

The Tudorcore: the new fashion trend of the moment

We remember “The Bridgerton Family” who created the “Regencycore” fashion. An elegant dress style that was inspired by the heroines of the film. In this same capacity, the “Tudorcore” can exceed it and be the new fashion trend of the moment. Color and elegance are also at the rendezvous for this style.

The “Anne Boleyn” series is like a bombshell. Since its release, the demand forsquare neckline increased by 42% on the Depop clothing resale app and over 63% on the Lyst fashion platform according to a magazine. According to actress Jadie Turner-Smith, the queen of Henry VIII’s time always comes out with elegance and beauty.

A woman of great beauty and worth. She could be the new influencer of today’s fashion trend thanks to this series. If you want to have more details on his history and his clothes, go to the series.

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