the sequel to the famous fantasy series will be available very soon!

Carnival Row is an American fantasy series that aired in August 2019 by Amazon Prime Video which announced Carnival Row season 2 for 2021.

This American TV series, the first season of which was broadcast in 2019, will continue for a second season. Unfortunately, the 2020 health crisis had to put filming on hiatus.

What the Carnival Row series is about

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to see the series, let’s recall the history a little. Most of the time it is spent in Burgue. The era recalls the Victorian era of London.

Carnival Row season 2

Burgue is a city that welcomes within it a human and non-human population (fairies, fauns, centaurs, etc.). Philo, who is played by Orlando Bloom, is a former soldier who has become an investigator. He wants to discover the identity of a mysterious bloodthirsty killer.

While he searches for the culprit, Vignette (here played by Cara Delevingne), a refugee who belongs to the fairy population, makes her appearance in Burgue. She used to be in love with Philo. She arrives to remind him of a past he would have liked to forget forever.

How will Carnival Row season 2 go?

Due to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, Carnival Row Season 2 is still in post-production. According to forecasts, this season 2 should be released during the last quarter of 2021. Moreover, some actors of the series had said that without this health crisis, the new period would surely already be on your small screen.

Carnival Row Season 1

The interpreter of Imogene Spurnose (Tamzin Merchant) also made some revelations about his role and that of Agreus which was played by David Gyasi. At the end of Season 1, they are embarked on a ship. For the two lovers, all goes well during the first minutes of the second season. But everything will quickly get worse for them …

Recall that at the end of season 1 of Carnival Row, the two lovers narrowly escaped the city before humans and non-humans were separated. So you can be sure that things are not going to turn out well for them and that one day or another they will surely have to come back to Burgue.

From a creators perspective, Carnival Row season 2 promises to have some pretty interesting development. Will the community of non-humans succeed in standing up against their dictators and all threats? What is the role of the Vignette Philo couple in this brewing rebellion? In a few months, you will have the opportunity to find out.

New creatures will appear

We can say that the main asset of this film and which makes its popularity, it is the creativity of its world. It is both disturbing and magical. This new season, which is coming to the fore, will be an opportunity for designers to broaden their horizons. Indeed, the artistic team is working on new designs to introduce new creatures.

According to Travis Beacham, they will turn to other varieties of fairies and pucks. They will create other forms of wings, horns and other new races.

New creatures will appear

Obviously, when we talk about new creatures, we are talking about new characters, that is to say new actors. British actor Jay Ali (Daredevil, The purge) has officially joined the cast for a regular role. He will play a character called Klain, a fairy belonging to a gang, the Black Ravens. Stay tuned, other talents will surely swell the ranks for this new chapter.

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