The Simpsons: Smithers Gets A Couple For The First Time On The Show

The Simpsons, the popular American animated program, for the first time gives space to a romance of the character Waylon Smithers. This time, in chapter eight of season 33 “Portrait Of A Lackey On Fire”, Smithers has his own love affair with a famous stylist.

For years, fans of the famous series were suspicious of the sexual preference of Mr. Smithers, assistant to the billionaire Mr. Burns, with whom he was always in love. However, from the start of the show this character never had the opportunity to openly have a partner.

Rob LaZebnik was the writer for this episode and it was encouraged by his son Johnny, who is also gay. For him, same-sex romances in many television series are counted as a subplot or are referred to as a montage on the show. His purpose with this new chapter is to show the public the interactions in a homosexual relationship, their dates and how they meet.

The Simpsons is a series of American origin that premiered its first chapter on December 17, 1989 and, since then, the program continues to be broadcast on television, establishing itself as one of the most popular and longest-running series in the world.

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