These editing errors unearthed by fans in the Netflix series!

No matter how proficient at the art of making films and television series, viewers always have the last words. This was seen recently in The Chronicle of the Bridgertons series, where editing errors were found.

The editing errors are not new, as viewers have already noticed since the anachronistic filming of the fantasy series Game of Thrones. A Starbucks tumbler has been filmed and seen by thousands of fans of the tv series. Viewers wonder if this is a bad joke or if it was intentionally filmed to promote the brand.

Editing errors in The Bridgertons Chronicle

The broadcasting of television series represents a huge marketing success. However, viewers saw editing errors in the distribution of the films, as recently in The Chronicle of the Bridgertons. During filming linked to the opening scene on the streets of Bath, yellow lines remained visible on the sidewalk.

These kinds of faults reveal pure anachronism in a film supposed to take place in an earlier era. Such coding first appeared around 1940. Other disturbing facts were seen in the filming, such as parking signs, and hatches used in telecommunications networks.

All this is nothing, because other glaring images complete the list with the presence of advertising posters on the walls and other supports visible in the background.

Yellow lines visible on the sidewalk.

Bridgertons’ Chronicle decorators slip away

With modern technology, such mistakes have been avoided by erasing the affected parts. In fact, you have to have a sharp eye to spot them, although that doesn’t affect how the plot unfolds in the film.

Will Hughes-Jones, the film’s production designer, ducked after being questioned on the subject. He said their films don’t tell historical facts. Although this is still fiction, they try to reproduce scenes, but actually based on current storylines and in accordance with what he has.

A Primark promotional poster

Doing things with what exists is well demonstrated in the film. As evidenced by the presence of the duke played by the actor Regé-Jean Page who is black. If this had been experienced in reality, a Duke of this breed would never exist. For the decorators, you have to do with what you have, as long as the film becomes a success.

Other facts that marked the spectators

Certainly, The Chronicle of Bridgerton is a success. The course of the story takes place around 1800. If we refer to the behavior of high society and nobles at that time. These people are very rich people who are very particularly racist and conservative.

On the other hand, in the series, the nobles do not seem to want to behave like racists and respect people of the same class. Some are conservative in the respect of customs and respect black actors in the interpretation of roles.

A fiction remains a fiction

The director has made it clear that The Bridgerton Chronicle is nothing but first-class fiction. If you want to convey facts, it works well even with original white characters, played by colored actors.

Nobles played by black actors

The directors add that the presence of editing errors are only simple broadcasting errors, because the biggest series also have their weaknesses.

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