These forbidden ingredients for the royal family that you can take inspiration from!

In terms of food, the royal family imposes strict rules on themselves. A Longevity Secret to Copy for a Healthy New Diet? We give you the details!

Members of the royal family abide by many rules. If we know that they must be irreproachable at all times, this is even valid at the table. The clan of Queen Elizabeth II must indeed respect several limits concerning their diet. What are the ingredients that cannot be allowed in the royalty diet? We take stock!

Healthy and safe food!

As a member of the royal family, safety is of the utmost importance. And it is precisely for this reason that certain ingredients are totally prohibited in their food. This is particularly the case crustaceans.

Indeed, the protocol wants the members of the firm to avoid dishes containing this kind of ingredients given the risks of allergies and others. Especially since the digestion of such foods is not always easy. It is the same for some rare meats. The latter indeed tend to emit a significant risk of intoxication.

What to discourage the members of the royal family to introduce it in their general diet. A rule which can however be restrictive for the latter. Another rule in the diet of the clan of Elizabeth II: no tap water !

Prince william

If mineral water is highly recommended, that coming from the tap cannot be consumed for sanitary reasons. These measures are mainly applied when members of the royal family are on the move. However, this does not prevent certain measures from remaining applicable even when they are at home.

Queen Elizabeth II: a strict diet!

Most important of all, Queen Elizabeth II is very careful with her diet. It is for this reason that his diet is very strict. According to one of its former leaders, the latter would follow specific measurements especially for dinner.

This implies in particular limiting the consumption of certain ingredients. Could the secret of Elizabeth II’s longevity lie in this rather special diet? This could well be because according to her relatives, she would not consume carbohydrate in the evening.

Unlike Prince George, who is particularly fond of carbonara spaghetti, the sovereign of England therefore does not eat pasta or rice for dinner. Another ingredient that it also does not consume: the crusts of bread.

It seems that Elizabeth II decided to keep this part for the pigeons. A little habit that betrays his particular affection for animals. And she is not the only one to restrict herself in her diet for the benefit of the animal cause!

What about the diet of other members of the royal family?

Prince Charles is also among those whose diet is quite strict. For the latter, there is in particular no question of eat foie gras. This rule was introduced in 2008 and it has stuck to it in his diet since that time. In any case, when the latter is found at the official release and this ingredient is on the menu, he does not deprive himself of it.

Another ingredient that is not on the royal family’s food list: garlic. During an interview, it was Camilla Parker Bowles who revealed this important fact. The companion of Prince Charles affirmed that this condiment is indeed prohibited for reasons of hygiene. And yes, when you are a member of the royal family, it is important to keep your breath fresh at all times. In addition to this practical side, it seems that it is Queen Elizabeth II who banned its consumption for a matter of taste. Garlic is said to be one of the ingredients she doesn’t like the taste or smell of.

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