this beautiful oversized shirt is a huge hit with women this year!

A few years ago, one would have thought that Mango’s oversized shirt would be out of date. No one would want to wear something twice their size, since tight-fitting outfits were king.

But today, things have changed. Every stylish woman should have at least one piece in their wardrobe, because it is a fashion staple. Once again this year, this shirt continues to be the essential basic of the feminine wardrobe. As proof, the clothing brand Mango has completed its oversize range with this cotton shirt.

The Mango shirt that fashionistas are snapping up

Mango has understood that it is oversize that stylish customers demand the most. Main reason why she decided to complete her collection with a cotton shirt twice the size. The white color, the lapel collar and the very straight cut make it a working girl par excellence. For active women, this oversized shirt by Mango is what you need to be trendy, and stylish while remaining elegant in the office.

The oversize shirt from Mango

Its sleeves are long with buttoned cuffs while the concealed button closure adds to its charms. You can wear it with any outfit, but you will stay stylish. This is also the goal of the brand by offering it. But there is not what that!

Indeed, this white oversized shirt is made of 100% natural fibers, that is to say cotton. This manufacturing process is well thought out for a durable and more environmentally friendly garment. Also, we can say goodbye to allergic reactions caused by synthetic fiber fabrics.

How to wear this oversized white shirt?

For die-hard fashionistas, wearing an oversized shirt is no problem. This is not the case with those who do not know too much about fashion and who always find themselves ridiculous wrapped in this big shirt. But it’s not that hard. Worn with high waisted jeans, it goes perfectly without losing an ounce of its elegance.

Oversize cotton shirt

With the return of the sun, a pair of slides or heeled sandals will accentuate the look. Otherwise, dare to approach the oversized shirt and the small shorts to compose a summer outfit that is both chic and comfortable. This look is already very popular all over Asia and is starting to resonate in Europe. So, you can adopt it as soon as the good weather returns.

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