this very beautiful skirt for less than 15 euros that all women want to have in their dressing room!

Want to look stylish with the most comfortable clothes? Well, go for a sweat skirt made with fleece made by the famous brand Zara.

It was designed with very neutral tones, but which perfectly conform to the trend. In addition, it is not expensive. To buy this skirt, you only have to pay 15 euros only.

Follow the trend with the Zara sweatshirt skirt

The Zara brand is one of the brands that have a very great reputation in terms of clothing fashion. Indeed, many people adore this brand. Recently, the brand launched a new very trendy skirt model. This is the Zara sweatshirt skirt.

Zara Pantone Skirt

As for the length, it is neither too short nor too long. It’s barely if it comes to your knees. Side size, with this skirt, you will have no problem. She is of a high waist. You have the possibility to adjust it since it is provided with an elastic band. This skirt has been fashioned with the aim of making you look beautiful with a streetwear look.

For your comfort, the brand used 50% organic cotton to make the skirt. This gives the latter an eco-responsible touch.

For a stylish look all winter long with the sweatshirt skirt

The Zara sweatshirt skirt was designed to be worn for all occasions. However, to achieve the desired effect, you must wear it with a small blouse. As for shoes, choose ankle boots, these are ideal for the evenings. You can also opt for sneakers. There, be very careful.

Indeed, choose the sneakers in line with the current trend and combine them with a top with a turtleneck. Some women opt for a Zara sweatshirt skirt with a nice white t-shirt with wedge style sandals.

For the color, you have the choice between three colors namely pastel green, iceberg white and black. These fall under the Pantone palette and are included in the category of timeless colors. Indeed, these colors can go well with everything.

Zara skirt

It should be noted that the clothing brand Zara teamed up with the paint manufacturer Pantone when designing the skirt. This allows you to opt for skirt models similar to this Zara sweatshirt skirt, but in a different color.

The success of the sale of this skirt is also due to its price. The product is on sale for the modest sum of 12.95 euros. For a garment from a big brand, this price is very reasonable. In addition, the skirt is available from size S to size L.

In short, if you want to look trendy and very stylish, choose Zara’s sweatshirt skirt.

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