To all sweet lovers, today is World Chocolate Cake Day

Today’s celebration, January 27, is one of the sweetest and most favorite in the whole world, the “World Chocolate Cake Day”. It is one of the most special and preferred desserts by people of all ages and on this day the whole world turns out to join the festivities savoring this delicious delicacy.

Although it is a celebration from the United States, its popularity has made it celebrated everywhere. The origin of this day dates back to the year 1764 when the people of that time realized that grinding cocoa beans resulted in the same powder with which chocolate could be made.

The first chocolate cake recipe as we know it today was recorded in Eliza Lesley’s “Ladies Recipe Book” in 1847 in Philadelphia.

Today, there are more than 162 recipes for this delicious delicacy that is enjoyed around the world.

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