Treated with cassos who benefits from allowances, Amandine Pellissard responds!

Amandine Pellissard’s face certainly tells you something. She has been featured in the program “Familles Many, la vie en XXL” since the first season. at

The young woman is already the head of a large family of 8 children. In recent months, many Internet users accuse it of taking advantage of family allowances and go so far as to treat it as a “social case”. She finally decided to answer and justify herself.

Large families, life in XXL of Amandine Pellissard

Amandine Pellissard is a young woman who adores children. She had a son, Léo, from a first romantic relationship. She then met the one who is now her husband, Alexandre Pellissard, with whom she had 7 children who are each on average one year apart.

Amandine is notably criticized for her constant desire to have children. Indeed, during the last season broadcast of Families, Life in XXL, we saw her ask her husband for a ninth child and complain about not being able to get pregnant quickly. Internet users quickly got carried away.

Amandine Pellissard makes sacrifices for her children

With 8 children at home, the couple would no longer have time to work. Alexandre stopped his professional life to devote himself to his family when Amandine was already a stay-at-home mother. The family therefore lives only thanks to the help of the CAF. However, with so many children, Amandine says she only receives 1,200 euros per month.

According to her, the family is on an extremely tight budget. She is therefore constantly looking to save money and find good deals. She does her shopping based on promotions and loyalty cards. She participates in programs that offer her a discount. She chooses products in bulk so as not to pay for the packaging. Every piece counts.

Amandine says the family leads a reasonable lifestyle. The housewife does her own dyes and cuts the hair of her children. They don’t go to restaurants and they don’t have a car either. The couple gives priority to everything for the children. Thus, all year round, they save to be able to offer them beautiful gifts for Christmas and for their birthdays.

Having a large family is the couple’s choice and the children do not have to suffer. They certainly didn’t ask for so many siblings. For Amandine, it is out of the question for a child to think that he has had fewer gifts because of his large family.

Amandine responds to insults!

On May 31, as she often does, Amandine launched a live on Instagram. An Internet user commented “My taxes support your children”. Usually she ignores comments like this, but this time around she had had enough and simply replied that she was putting this message in a “jerk box”.

A little later, she published a post. She then says that the people who criticize her would not be able to devote themselves to so many children. The criticisms would come only from people who do not have children. For her, all that matters is the happiness of her children no matter how many they are.

Amandine Pellissard also breaks a preconceived idea: she does not only live with family allowances. For several years, she sold a lot on Vinted. Today, she makes product placements. All these sums are declared and are deducted from the allowances she receives.

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