UCATEC, the university that trains entrepreneurs and leaders in various sectors

In recent times, entrepreneurs and leaders have become more visible in our department and in the country. And that is the training that UCATEC has been shaping and showing, the university that has spent more than 14 years consolidating an educational movement based on entrepreneurship and leadership.

Joacyr Flores, Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UCATEC, stated in Buena Noche de OPINÓN that in these times of pandemic, tools are needed to help students achieve success.

“Years ago we decided to break the scheme and focus on the fact of training entrepreneurial professionals, but also with a plus and the clear idea that our students can develop their professional skills. We are sure that to be an entrepreneur you not only need to have aptitudes, but we must complement them with entrepreneurial attitudes,” he declared.

He added that teaching at the university is also based on collaborative work, an aspect that is essential to achieve the objectives.

“We teach people to work collaboratively because to be an entrepreneur you don’t have to be an individual person, but you have to seek collaboration. And you have to have the ability to detect problems and solve them creatively, and that’s what we’ve seen “.

He noted that in all available careers is where the work of training entrepreneurs and leaders is shown.

“We have shown that entrepreneurship is in all careers.”

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