What is the perfect cat breed for you based on your horoscope sign?

Do you want to have a purebred cat for a companion? Know that it is very important to choose it according to your character traits and your lifestyle.

This is why each astrological sign corresponds to a breed of cat. Quickly find out which feline you can adopt to live in good harmony.

Aries: active Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is like the native of Aries: he has a strong personality and he is super active. Intelligent and playful, this cat needs space. He is very talkative, a quality particularly appreciated by the Aries who will be able to interact with him.

Taurus : calm Chartreux

Taurus attaches great importance to family values. A docile cat, able to adapt easily to a family and to children is what he needs. The Chartreux ticks all the boxes! This beautiful blue gray cat is easy going and calm.

Gemini: sociable Scottish Fold

This breed of cat, like the Gemini, has a great capacity for adaptation. Whether his master has an adventurous or cushy lifestyle, he adapts to it without problem. Both Gemini and Scottish Fold have a gentle character.

Cancer: Radgoll hug

The Radgoll is the most affectionate feline there is. He has a sweet character and adores hugs which is perfectly suited to the native of Cancer. This cat loves to spend great moments, snuggled on the sofa, against his master.

Leo: proud Maine Coon

With this sign of fire, it is advisable to give as companion a cat which is noticeable. This is the case of the Maine Coon, the largest of the cats, which looks great. Although he is easy going and has a good adaptability, he knows what he wants.

Virgo: Sweet Oriental Cat

This colored Siamese has short hair that requires little maintenance which suits the native of the Virgin. He cohabits well with his master because they both have an independent character while being affectionate.

Balance: pleasant Chantilly

A person born under the sign of Libra is fond of cats with silky, long hair. It is for this reason that he cracks in front of a Chat Chantilly. This one does not like to be alone, his master will be able to forge strong bonds with him.

Scorpio: faithful Siamese

The sacred Siamese cat is fascinating which attracts the Scorpio who loves mystery. This feline has a strong character and swears by its master, which delights the native of this sign. An exclusive relationship is easily established between them.

Sagittarius: Bengal player

This cat who assimilates to a mini fawn is very playful, which is why living in an apartment does not suit him. The Sagittarius, who loves nature, will give him a playing field to his measure.

Capricorn: reserved Russian Blue

The native of this sign does not like pets. However, the Russian Blue may appeal to him because this cat is shy, calm, homey and loves cuddles.

Aquarius: majestic Persian

Its royal bearing and its atypical character appeal to Aquarius. Although he spends most of his time dozing, he sometimes has small fits of madness. This does not displease the native of Aquarius who loves him for his precious manners which amuse him a lot.

Fish: nice Sacred of Burma

Pisces desires a privileged relationship with their cat. Being a homebody, calm and dreamy, a gentle and faithful cat will find its place near it. The Sacred of Burma fits him perfectly. They will both take long naps together.

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